Masters - Spring 2021

Registration for Spring Masters 2021 is open

Note: The Masters player and Reserve fee is $25 per season (Autumn & Spring). Should you wish to enter external NSW Masters tournaments you must also pay the Annual NSW Masters Registration Fee of $25, which norths may reimburse.

To request reimbursement for your NSW Masters annual registration fee, you must be a financial masters member of norths squash. Requests will only be accepted for the current year and must be submitted by 31 December of that year. Send a photo of your current NSW Masters Registration tag to along with your mailing address. If successful, a cheque for your reimbursement will be mailed to you.

Relevant Dates
  • Entries close: tba
  • First round commences: tba
  • Handicap Finals: tba
  • AGM and Meet & Greet: tba

Northern Division Masters is a mixed competition, with 3 person teams in Division One and 4 person teams in Divisions Two and Three.

Important Information
  • All matches are played home and away, Home games start at 8pm on Monday nights at norths and away games usually start at 7.30pm.
  • Away matches currently cost $19.00, paid to the court reception prior to playing; Home matches are free.
  • Supper is provided by the home team.
  • Ladies must be over 30 at the start of the competition.
  • Men must be over 35 at the start of the competition.
  • No entries will be accepted without payment.
  • Points scoring varies by division: Div 1 plays point a rally to 15. Div 2 plays hand in hand out to 9 and Div 3 is handicapped as per player’s matrix.
  • Div 1 & 2 players are seeded as per their matrix in the team but match results do not count towards the NSW matrix.

Membership Notes

You must have paid your norths Club and norths Squash Club membership fees. The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Unless you have already paid your membership for 2021 you will need to pay it now.

The fee for new members who join the club on or after November 1 in any year will also cover the following year's membership.

Life Members of the club are exempt from membership fees, but still need to pay Masters player or reserve fees.