Presidents Shield Awards

In 1955 a group of dedicated Norths supporters, led by the late Harry McKinnon, formed North Sydney Leagues Club. With the help of their families and debenture holders, they bought a house in Merlin Street, North Sydney, which was the Club’s first home. In July 1964 due to lack of space and the threat of the new expressway, Norths sadly left their beloved Merlin Street home and moved to Cammeray.

With a new building and a new look Sports Council headed by Fred Orreill and his active committee, new Intra Clubs were added (see for a current list). The first Sportsman of the Year Night, chosen from the Intra Clubs, was held in 1980, the winner for 1979 being Graham Hoschke, who was the Secretary of the Fishing Club.

Former norths Club President, Mr. Ray Beattie, renamed the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ award the ‘President’s Shield’.

The President’s Shield night is held annually in September and each intra club puts forward a nomination based on either their sporting achievements or service to sport over the preceding year.
The following members have been nominated for, or have won, the Presidents Shield Award.

The Presidents Shield function to celebrate 2018 was on Friday Sept 6th 2019
 2018  - Warwick Brodsky
Position held & length of service: Masters Co-ordinator 10 years

History with the club:
Warwick has been a member of the norths Squash Club for over 20 years. He has played squash with norths since 1995 in the Sydney Pennant and Masters competitions. He is a very organised gentleman who usually puts his hand up to take on he role of team captain.
He is such a good team captain that he turned up on a competition night when he was actually meant to have been rostered off and ended up playing when another player didn't show up.

norths Squash Club have nominated Warwick to publicly recognise and thank him for his valued contribution to the running of the Masters teams at Norths over an extended period of time.

Special achievements while with the Community Club:
Warwick took it upon himself to organise club members into teams to play in the NSW Masters Monday night competition which is an alternative competitive outlet for Club members over 35 years of age who wanted a different or perhaps additional match each week.
He started this in the early 2000s and it was only when he left to travel for an extended period in 2010 that the Squash Club formalised the position so that someone else would take over this service. Warwick's quiet, friendly and dependable nature had taken care of business for nearly 10 years without any formal acknowledgement or assistance.
Warwick has returned to the committee in 2018 in the now formally established position of Masters Co-ordinator and continues in this role today.