Monday Round Robin

Monday nights 6:00pm until 8:00pm (except on Public Holidays).
The Monday night handicapped round-robin is a well organized social hit aimed at encouraging players of any ability to enjoy playing squash at the club. The handicapped system allows newer players to have a fair game of squash against any player on the night.
It only costs $1 per night, with the winner of the night collecting the proceeds as a reward. Players must be members of norths Squash Club, however new players are entitled to try out the first night without playing the entry fee or club membership fee (although all players must be a member of the leagues club). New players that participate for the first time are not eligible to win that night. If the player decides to play on subsequent nights then they are required to join the squash club (for $15 per year). Players can join the squash club online (Online Registration) or on the night.
norths Squash club provides an organiser for each night who:
  • Collects the entry fee ($1) from each participant.
  • Decides the handicap for new participants.
  • Chooses the opponents in each game.
  • Decides the winner of the tournament.
  • Completes the records of the tournament.

Rules and Format
  1. There are 3 rounds, with each participant playing a single game against a different opponent in each round.
  2. Each game is played to 20 points using the point-a-rally scoring system. Each player has a handicap, starting at +20 through to a negative number (a stronger player will have a lower handicap). The difference between the two handicaps is split evenly around 0, unless there is more than 10 points difference. For example, if player one has a handicap of +2 and player two has a handicap of -6 then player one will start on 4 points, and player two will start on -4.  If player one has a handicap of -3 and player two has a handicap of -12 then player one starts on +4 and player two starts on -5. 

    In the case where the difference between the handicaps is greater than 10 the stronger player will start on -5 and shall only score a point when they have the serve. The weaker player will start on +5 points.
  3. It is the responsibility of the winning player from each game to fill in the score for their round and place a tick against their name for winning.
  4. The night is won by the player who wins their 3 games. In the case where more than one player wins 3 games, a count back on points is calculated and the night is awarded to the player with the higher points total when the ‘against’ points are subtracted from the ‘for’ points. If there is a dead tie then no players win, and the cash rolls over as a jackpot for the next week.
  5. The player who wins the night takes the money put in by the other competitors as a reward. In addition, the first winner has their handicap decreased by 1 point. If a player attends 7 Monday tournaments without winning a prize, they may request that their handicap be reduced by 1 point. The organiser should note the changed handicap on the Handicap record sheet on the board next to the blackboard.
  6. The maximum number of players is 20. Places will be filled on a first come basis until 6:30pm at which time preference is to be given to non-pennant members and prospective new squash club members attending for the first time. Players arriving after the first round is complete will not be entitled to play.
  7. A double yellow-dot squash ball is used for all games by default. Beginners may wish to play with a single yellow-dot ball, if this is the case then their opponents must accommodate for it. Only double or single yellow-dot balls may be used however.
The evenings are run every Monday. They are not organized on public holidays, however the courts are still be available for a social hit.