The Masters Pennant is an opportunity for you to play for a norths Squash Club team against teams from other local squash clubs on Monday evenings. Masters is a friendly, mixed competition for men over 35 and ladies over 30. Competition is more relaxed than pennant and SportyHQ is not currently used. The scoring is point-a-rally to 15 with some of the grades being handicapped. The top grade has 3 players on a night, lower grades have a minimum of 4 players per team. Usually 3 men and one lady play each night, with players playing in order of ability.

There are 2 Pennants per year, Autumn Pennant usually commencing the last week of February and Spring Pennant usually commencing the first week of August. Matches are always played on Monday nights starting at 7.30 or 8pm. Half of the games are held at our home courts at norths and half at other clubs courts within the Northern District, usually Maash, Thornleigh, Elanora and Lane Cove.

There are currently 3 divisions with 6-8 teams in each division. There are 14-15 weeks of play, followed by finals or handicap finals. The winning and runner up teams of the main competition and/or the handicap rounds all win a prize (e.g. a towel). In addition, winning teams from norths also win a norths Squash jacket (subject to conditions).

After each match the home team will provide supper and drinks. At norths, drinks must be purchased at the bar and food must be pre-ordered or ordered on the night at norths Pantry.

There is a player entry fee for each competition (refer to our Online Registration section for current fees). This fee covers the annual membership of the NSW Masters Association, admin, balls, norths t-shirts and prizes. Membership of the NSW Masters Association enables players to enter external Masters tournaments, held regularly throughout the year at various squash venues.

Away matches must be paid for at the prevailing court match fee (currently $19.00) while home matches are free.

To request reimbursement for your NSW Masters annual registration fee, you must be a financial masters member of northssquash. Requests will only be accepted for the current year and must be submitted by 31 December of that year. Send a photo of your current NSW Masters Registration tag to along with your mailing address. If successful, a cheque for your reimbursement will be mailed to you.

For more information or to register to play, please email