Internal Pennant

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What is the Internal Pennant?

The idea is to have a small internal (norths Squash Club members only) run within the times of Squash NSW Autumn and Spring Pennants.

The competition is for players who either:
1) Do not have time to play Sydney pennant (ie late nights, irregular work commitments)
2) Do not want to travel to play Sydney pennant (ie lack of transport)
3) Want a competitive hit but aren't confident enough to play Sydney pennant (Sunday/Monday night players who aren't pennant players)
4) Want to meet people in the club they don't normally play with or see.
5) Are prone to injury with long seasons and want a shorter competition.

The competition has 3 players per team, 4 teams in total. Each team consists of one higher ranked player, one mid ranked and one low or unranked player. Teams play each other twice in a round robin (6 matches total) with either the team on top finishing first or the top two teams play a final. Nights decided by points overall (as in summer comp) with a point for each rubber, 2 points for the night. Teams will be dedicated as home/away on any particular night, away teams choose first matchup of the night.

Numbers are limited to 12 regular players as well as some reserves. The pennant is open to all squash club members, but preference will be given to players that missed out the previous pennant. For the inaugural running, players outside of Sydney pennant will be given preference.

Scoring in the Summer pennant is handicapped and single rubber to 60 points. 1 point on the night is awarded per rubber and 2 points for the team with the most game points in total. Scoring in the Autumn/Spring pennants is normal point-a-rally to 15, best of 5 games. Night points are the same as Summer pennant (1 point per rubber/ 2 points for overall winner on game points). No handicaps, played as normal pennant matches.

Usually it will run on Tuesdays each week, but due to pennant court scheduling, there may be some weeks with no play on one or both days. Start time 7:30 for Tuesdays, 7pm for Wednesdays (unless 7:30pm for both days by prior agreement). Depending on the number of Masters teams, there may also be the possibility of playing Monday nights from 8pm.

No SportyHQ points for matches played. The results are to be emailed to the club checker ( after each round who will update the results.

Buy your own drinks/food after playing. Emphasis is on social aspect with some competitive matches, not to just have an extra hit per week and leave straight after. Also it provides an opportunity for the lower graded players to learn skills and techniques.

There is no charge for this pennant, first come/first serve. Players who sign up as full players after the first 12 are selected will be asked if they would like to reserve. Suitable players outside of this can reserve too as long as they are financial norths Squash Club members). Hence the signup form does not guarantee entry to the pennant, only your interest in playing.

There will be 1 competition inside the Sydney pennant dates, so will start after and finish before that pennant. There are no team captains, if a player can't play, it is their responsibility to find a reserve. However, this is a competition and entrants should be expecting to mostly play every night.

For more information on pennant competition, or any other questions about the norths Squash Club, please email

Previous Winners

Pennant Team Players
Summer 2021 Team 4 Nikolaj Hendel, Jon Erikson, Kali Lawrie
Spring 2020 Team MRG Martin Cox, Richard Williams, Geraldine Mack

Norths Squash Club,
21 Feb 2021, 21:25