Open Championships

The Open Championships are open to norths Club members and are played end of year. There are three divisions of play - Open (everyone may enter), Capped (restricted to lower ranked players) and Masters (45 years and over). All players will be eligible to play in one division of Open or Capped and those who meet the age requirements may also elect to play in Masters. Each player in each division will play a minimum of 2 matches. There are prizes for the winners and runners up of each division. Additionally, the winner of each grade has their name put on the honour boards in the viewing gallery of the courts and the squash club website.

2020 Open Championships (played January/February 2021)

The draw and schedule (court allocations) are attached at the bottom of this page and will be updated as the championships progress.

Please confirm your availability for your scheduled matches with your opponent before each match.

Please email the Club Captain as soon as possible after playing so that we can update the online draw as the competition progresses.

All matches are in the same format as pennant games (‘point a rally’ to 15 points, best of 5 games). In following the latest pennant format, games must be won by 2 points (e.g. 15-13, 16-14, 17-15, 18-16 etc). Games are to be refereed and scored by you and your opponent unless you arrange a referee prior to your match.

Each match is allocated 45 minutes. Players must be at the courts, changed, warmed up and ready to play at the scheduled time. No contact details are published at the courts for privacy reasons. Please ensure that you take the contact details of your opponent with you in case you need to contact them.  If you are running late, please contact your opponent. Any players that do not arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled match will automatically forfeit their game. This is a necessary action due to tight scheduling.

All matches have been scheduled a date and time to play. If your scheduled match date and time is not suitable, please contact your opponent as soon as possible to reschedule.

The courts have been booked by the Squash Club for weekday evenings (around other squash club bookings). You can play during these times with no charge. If you are required to change your scheduled match date and time, please refer to the court allocations PDF at the bottom of this page to find an alternative time. Once both players have agreed on the time, please contact Ben Christian to book the time slot.

You may re-schedule your match for a time outside of the times provided by the squash club by booking the courts with norths Fitness. You will however be responsible for the court hire fee. Matches can also be played at other venues if required. While matches may be rescheduled, they must be played in the same week as the original scheduled match time as each round is dependent on the previous round being completed. You may have to forfeit your match if you cannot find a suitable time to play.

Players that do not win their first game will move through into the plate competition. Draws for this will be updated after the first (or second) round of games so please re-visit the site to check when your next game will be.
Open Championships History 2020

Mike Dickens - Open Championships Winner
Eirian Crabbe - Open Championships Runner Up

Martin Cox - Masters Championships Winner
Jon Erikson - Masters Championships Runner Up

Charlie Roughan - Open Championships Capped Winner
Paul Baylis - Open Championships Capped Runner Up

Clive Johnson - Open Championships Plate Winner
Jon Erikson - Open Championships Plate Runner Up

Andrew Roughan - Masters Plate Winner
Paul Baylis - Masters Plate Runner Up

Peter Deans - Capped Plate Winner
Louis McIntyre - Capped Plate Runner Up